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Rub-O’licious™ How it Started:



My inspiration for creating Rub-O’licious™ started a few years ago in 2010 during our church’s community Thanksgiving dinner.  A close friend of mine, Ronnie Williams, had gotten me started helping him and a few others deep-fry turkeys for the dinner.  After a few tries at different seasoning combinations, I came up with what was the basic recipe for Rub-O’licious™.  Well, needless to say, there wasn’t any deep-fried turkey left at the end of the night.  Knowing Ronnie liked the flavor of the rub, I gave him the remainder to use for his family’s Thanksgiving dinner.  The following Sunday morning, I met Ronnie walking into the sanctuary and asked his personal opinion.  Ronnie, being a bit shorter than me and a huge cut-up, looked up and over the top of his glasses and said..”Young man, I had 60 people at my house, all of them wanted to know who made the rub, what was in it, & where they could get it.”  He went on to say, “I can tell you who made it & where to get it.  But he would have to tell you what’s in it.  Then he’d have to kill ya!!!”, and just laughed!!!  “You need to sell that stuff” he said.  Well, since that conversation, GOD called Ronnie home to be with him.  After a bit of thought and a lot of coaxing from my wife Amy, here we are today.  Ronnie was & still is my biggest inspiration behind this venture. That is why Primetime’s Rub-O’licious™ is made in dedication & memory of my dear friend, Ronnie Williams.


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