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“I can't remember if I've told you already how much my grilling men love your husband's rub.  If he needs any testimonials my husband and my son especially could write a book on that wonderful concoction.” Brenda Kittrell,  Sunbright ,TN


“It was delicious, thanks for sharing!! “Good luck with it, it is good stuff!!” Janis Jones, Pell City, AL


“It was wonderful!!! I would definitely tell people about it! I really need to order more….send me the link so I can buy more. :) Gracie Martinez , Arlington, TX


“We’ve used it on steaks, ribs, chicken and love the flavor on all of them.  I love being able to just use one spice to get a load of flavor! “ Trish Rayford, Dallas, TX


“I truly love the spice rub.  It is really is delicious.  I will be needing another bottle soon.” Freda Sykes, Orangeburg, SC


“We used the rub on steaks and it added just the right amount of flavor.  Our guests were very complimentary on how well the steaks tasted.  I am looking forward to using the rub on chicken, as I know that it will be great!” Trish Usey, Dallas, TX


“TRY IT…..YOU WILL LOVE IT!!!  We use it  on meats and vegetables.  It enhances the flavor of food and is the only seasoning we now use, we like it that much.  Not too much or too little’s just right!!”  Faye Prather, E-Town, KY





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